At last, I'm happy to report that this post catches us up from our first post in March 2020 until now. It is a huge post with many, many stops and photos for you to check out. It takes us from Texas, through Oklahoma, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, and back to Wyoming. We have reconnected with family in marvelous ways, and have seen some amazing and beautiful sights.

Of course, Covid-19 has been a constant presence, and it has shaped, curtailed, and changed our travel plans, but we've managed to continue on. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have been touched by the virus, and we are so grateful to report that we remain healthy and strong. And please note, that most of our photos show us without masks, but that was for the sake of the photos; we have worn masks wherever it was required and where wisdom dictated.

The most recent post is at the top of the list, so if you want to go in order, please scroll down to near the bottom and begin with the post about San Antonio in January, 2020.

Enjoy! Laurie

PS I hope to now post updates as we go, so in the future you won't have such a large amount of info to wade through. And I also have to backtrack and fill in the blanks between March, 2019 and January, 2020.